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If you want a successful garden, plan on placing your Tower Garden in a location that will receive 6-8 hours of light per day. Most plants will require this for a healthy production of fruit. If growing indoors, plan on supplying it with adequate artificial light and natural light whenever possible. Because most vertical grow systems are on wheels, you can even rotate your system if only one side of your Tower receives light through a window. How to Plant a Vertical Tower Garden ⟐ 80 of the Most Popular Plants Frequently Grown in Vertical Tower Gardens ⟐ While there is nothing wrong with traditional gardening methods, if at the end of the season you're wanting to "branch out" of your comfort zone or if you're hungry for more, growing hydroponically may be your next endeavor. Not convinced? Here's just 6 reasons why ditching the dirt may be the next best move you've ever made in the garden ⟐ 15 Lettuce & Leafy Greens You Should Try Growing Hydroponically ⟐ TOP Plants You Can Grow with Hydroponic Garden System ⟐ Aquaponics: Why & How It Works! ⟐ 7 Tips For Using Rockwool To Start Your Seeds
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