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Grow Your Own Food During the Cooler Months.

The Fall/Winter Harvest Seed Bank includes a collection of all the seeds you need to grow your favorite fall and winter crops. These seeds thrive in cold weather and are extremely hardy.  You will be able to grow your own brussels sprouts, carrots, kale, broccoli, turnips, swiss chards and so much more. With over 20 popular varieties included, this seed bank is your #1 seed bank of choice for seeds that thrive in cooler temps.

What's Included?

  • 20 varieties of crops (individually packaged)  scroll down the page to see all 

  • Over 6,500 seeds in total (all seeds can be saved for multiple planting seasons)

  • BONUS! We're including 25 seed starting soil pellets (so you can start your seeds indoors!)

  • Seeds are individually packaged and labeled in resealable bags and then secured in a Mylar bag (provides two layers of protection from moisture and light)

This Fall and Winter Seed Bank comes with all of the following crop varieties:

1. Bean - Jade (appx. 200 seeds)     

The Jade Bush Bean produces long and tender 7" long dark green beans. Easy to grow and matures quickly.  Can tolerate high temperatures. Very sweet and tender - one of the best tasting bush beans! High in vitamins A, B and C.

Learn more about the Borlotti Bean ... 
2. Broccoli - Calabrese (appx. 575 seeds)

This popular broccoli variety produces a short, 24 inch plant with medium-large heads. Withstands cold well. Best used for a fall crop. Extremely flavorful heads of broccoli. ‘Calabrese’ is an old Italian heirloom variety that sprouts side shoots that will mature for harvesting.

Learn more about Calabrese Broccoli ... 

3. Broccoli - Romanesca Italia 
(appx. 1200 seeds)

Produces short, 24 inch plant produces medium-large heads. Withstands cold extremely well. Broccoli is extremely high in vitamin C, as well as dietary fibers.  It is also known to contain multiple nutrients which have potent anti-cancer properties.  A single serving provides more than 30 mg of Vitamin C.

Learn more about Romanesca Italia Broccoli ...
4. Beet - Early Wonder (appx. 1,000 seeds)

Early, round, smooth-skinned beets are exceptionally tender. Day to Maturity | 50 days. Beets are hardy and may be sown as soon as the ground can be worked. Sow seed 1/2 inch deep in rows 12-18 inches apart.

Learn more about Early Wonder Beets ...
5. Cabbage - All Season (appx. 850 seeds)

These seeds produces very flavorful heads of cabbage. Very reliable variety. It is best known as one of the earliest and best cabbages on the market! Suitable for spring, summer, and fall crops.

Learn more about All Season Cabbage ...
6. Cauliflower - All Year Round (appx. 300 seeds)

This Cauliflower variety produces large white heads and surrounded by dark green leaves.  Continues to grow much longer than other cauliflower varieties.  Suitable for successional sowing all year round!

Learn more about All Year Round Califlower ...
    7. Carrot - Chantenay, 5" Long (Appx. 2,700 seeds)

    The Little Finger variety is very early carrot that grows 4 inch cylindrical roots. Tender, sweet midget variety can be densely planted. Grows well in small spaces and containers.  Carrots are also rich in dietary fibers, antioxidants, and minerals. 

    Learn more about Chantenay Carrots ...
    8. Carrot - Autumn King (appx. 3,200 seeds)

    The Autumn King variety is one of the best main crop varieties with a consistent deep red color.  One of the largest of carrots! Grows to around 10 to 12 inches long. This favorite of home gardeners can be grown as a main crop or late variety.  Resists splitting and stores well when left in the ground.  Great variety for storing. Carrots are also rich in dietary fibers, antioxidants, and minerals. 

    Learn more about Autumn King Carrots ...


    9. Collard - Georgia Southern (appx. 1,200 seeds)

    This is the traditional Collard Green variety popularly grown in the south. These plants produce large yields of dark blue-green cabbage-like leaves. Tolerates heat, humidity, cold and poor soil conditions.

    Learn more about Georgia Southern Collard Greens ...


    10. Kale
    - Premier (appx. 120 seeds)

    Extremely flavorful Kale variety.  This variety will stay in the ground 3-4 weeks longer than other Kale varieties.  Excellent variety for a Fall and Winter harvest!

    Learn more about Premier Kale ...
    11. Lettuce - All-Year Round (appx. 1,000 seeds)

    As its name suggests, this is a lettuce that can be gown throughout the entire year, though it will require protection with a cloche or cold frame in the cooler months.  The 'All Year Round' lettuce is a classic Butterhead lettuce, with medium sized loosely formed heads and soft, buttery-textured green leaves.

    Learn more about All Year Round Lettuce ...

    12. Lettuce - Gourmet/Mesclun Mix
     (appx. 1,300 seeds)

    A mixture of favorite lettuce seed varieties from across the spectrum of lettuce types.  - Plant heavy and start harvest early for young for baby greens then allow some to grow on for plenty of variety for salads. Perfect for small spaces and containers. A great way to get a lot out of little space.

    Learn more about Gourmet Mesclun Mix Lettuce ...

    13. Lettuce - Salad Bowl, Green (appx. 600 seeds)

    The Green Salad Bowl Mix is a really easy-to-grow lettuce variety. Extremely flavorful leafs Continues to grow as picked. As outer leaves are picked, inner leaves keep growing. Excellent addition for salads and garnishes.

    Learn more about Salad Bowl Lettuce ...
    14. Mustard - Tendergreen (appx. 1,400 seeds)

    A traditional Southern favorite. Plant produces good yields of green mustard leaves. Excellent flavor! Easy to grow!

    Learn more about Mustard Tendergreens ...
    15. Radish - Champion (appx. 120 seeds)

    AAS - All-America Selections Winner! The Champion Radish plant produces large and extremely tasty red cherry radishes. They measure about the size of a silver dollar and have bright red solid skin. Only 25-30 days to maturity. One of the most popular and easiest radishes you can grow anywhere!

    Learn more about Champion Radish ...
    16. Radish - White Icicle (Appx. 120 seeds)

    Recommended by USU.  Slender tapered root is 4 to 5 inches long with crisp, mild, white flesh. Matures quickly and can be planted close together for a dense harvest. Radishes are rich in ascorbic acid, folic acid, and potassium. They are a good source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, and calcium. One cup of sliced red radish bulbs provides approximately 20 calories, largely from carbohydrates. 

    Learn more about White Icicle Radish ...

    17. Bean - Kentucky Wonder Brown 
    (appx. 120 seeds)

    The Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean is one of the oldest and most widely used bean varieties ever grown. Produces bright green, 8" stringless pods. Extremely flavorful and full of flavorful brown seeds. Climbs freely on a vine and produces quickly. Will continue to grow until frost.

    Learn more about this variety ...

    18. Swiss Chard - Hot Pink
    (Appx. 100 seeds)

    The Pink Swiss Chard produces excellent yields of dark green shiny leaves with magenta/hot pink stalks and veins. Excellent for salads, juicing, and/or steamed with others greens. Extremely healthy. Easy to grow.

    Learn more about Hot Pink Swiss Card ...

    19. Swiss Chard - Orange (Appx. 150 seeds)

    The Orange Swiss Chard is a popular plant that produces some of the most amazing looking swiss chard leaves in a bright shade of orange. Perfect for salads or steamed green. One of this years most popular varieties to grow. Extremely healthy. Easy to grow.

    Learn more about Orange Swiss Chard ...

      20. Turnip - Purple Top White Globe (Appx. 1,000 seeds)

      Smooth round roots, 4 to 6 inches across are purple on top and white below. Flesh is white, mild, and crisp. Stores well. Extremely healthy and nutritious.

      Learn more about Purple Top Turnips ...

      What is a Seed Bank?

      The answer is simple: a seed bank is your very own supply of open-pollinated, non-hybridized, NON-GMO seeds to be kept on hand in the case of an emergency or the unavailability of seeds.

      There are many reasons to invest in a seed bank. Whether the market has changed or famine and war have changed the way we get access to seeds, these banks represent a secure way to begin planting quality foods.

      All our seeds offer you the chance to replant the seeds after a successful harvest, making your investment in food one of the best values you will find. All of our seeds will produce organic produce when properly cared for.

      While we remain optimistic about the future, we feel it is best to control your own food supply and live a healthier lifestyle with the best non-hybrid, non GMO seeds available today!



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      Sampler Packs
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      - - - - - -
      - Medicinal Herbs
      - Culinary Herbs
      - Flowers & Pollinators

      - - - - - -
      - Amaranth
      - Angelica
      - Anise
      - Arugula
      - Basil
      - Bee Balm
      - Black Root (Scorzonera)
      - Borage
      - Caraway
      - Cardoon
      - Catmint
      - Catnip
      - Chamomile
      - Chervil
      - Chives
      - Cilantro (Coriander)
      - Cumin
      - Dandelion
      - Dill 
      - Echinacea
      - Edible Chrysanthemum
      - Endive
      - Epazote
      - Fennel
      - Fenugreek 
      - Flowers
      - Horehound
      - Hyssop
      - Lavender
      - Lemon Balm
      - Lemon Grass
      - Lovage
      - Lunaria (Honesty Plant)
      - Lupine

      - Marigold
      - Marjoram
      - Mint 
      - Mugswort
      - Nasturtium
      - Nodding Catchfly
      - Oregano
      - Parsley
      - Peppermint
      - Perilla (Japanese Basil)
      - Phacelia
      - Purslane
      - Rosemary
      - Rue

      - Sage
      - Salad Burnet
      - Shasta Daisy
      - Shiso
      - Shungiku

      - Soapwort
      - Spearmint
      - Summer Savory
      - Sunflower
      - Sweet Woodruff
      - Tansy
      - Tarragon
      - Thyme
      - True Watercress
      - Wildflower Mixes
      - Wormwood
      - Yarrow 
      - Zinnia


      - All Variety Packs

      - - - - - -
      - Bunny Garden Variety Pack
      - Chicken Garden Variety Pack
      - Cucumber Variety Pack
      - Culinary Herb Variety Pack
      - Fall & Winter Season Variety Pack
      - Hydroponic Greens Variety Pack
      - Lettuce & Greens Pack
      - Medicinal Herb Variety Pack
      - Mosquito Repellent Variety
      - Pepper Variety Pack
      - Rainbow Variety Pack
      - Root Crop Variety Pack
      - Salsa Garden Variety Pack
      - SAVE THE BEES! Variety Pack
      - Sprouts Variety Pack
      - Tomato Variety Pack
      - Tower Garden Variety Pack
      - Urban Fall Garden Variety Pack
      - Wildflower Garden Variety Pack

      Sprouts &

      - All Sprouts (A-Z)
      - Sprouts Seed Bank
      - Spouts Variety Pack
      - - - - - -
      - Bean, Adzuki
      - Bean, Garbanzo (chickpea)
      - Bean, Mung
      - Alfalfa
      - Arugula
      - Barley
      - Beet, Dark Red
      - Broccoli
      - Cabbage, Red Acre
      - Carrots (micro)
      - Chia
      - Cilantro
      - Cress 
      - Fenugreek
      - Flax
      - Garlic Chives
      - Green Pea
      - Kale, Green
      - Kale, Red
      - Lentils
      - Mustard
      - Quinoa
      - Radish, Classic
      - Radish, Daikon
      - Radish, Rambo Red
      - Red Clover
      - Sunflower
      - Swiss Chard (Rainbow Mix)
      - Watercress
      - Wheat Grass

      Sampler Packs
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      - - - - - -
      - Artichoke
      - Arugula

      - Asparagus
      - Beans (all)
      - Bean, Pole
      - Bean, Bush
      - Bean, Fava/Broad
      - Bean, Lima
      - Bean, Soy
      - Beet
      - Blueberry
      - Broccoli
      - Broccoli Raab/Rapini
      - Brussels Sprouts
      - Cabbage
      - Carrot
      - Cauliflower
      - Celery
      - Chicory
      - Clover
      - Collard Greens
      - Corn
      - Corn Salad (Mache)
      - Cucumber
      - Eggplant
      - Endive
      - Fennel
      - Garlic
      - Gourd
      - Horseradish
      - Kale
      - Kohlrabi
      - Leek
      - Leafy Greens
      - Lettuce
      - Melon
      - Micro-greens
      - Mustard

      - Okra
      - Onion (sets)
      - Onion (seeds)
      - Parsnip
      - Pea
      - Peppers (All)
      - Pepper (Hot)
      - Pepper (Sweet)
      - Potatoes
      - Pumpkin
      - Purslane Greens
      - Radish
      - Radicchio
      - Rutabaga
      - Rhubarb
      - Shallots
      - Sorrel
      - Spinach
      - Sprouts and Micro-greens
      - Squash
      - Strawberry
      - Swiss Chard
      - Tomatillo
      - Tomato
      - Turnip
      - Watercress Greens
      - Watermelon
      - Wheat



      - All Seed Banks

      - - - - - -
      - MEGA Seed Bank
      - Culinary Herb Seed Bank
      - Fall & Winter Seed Bank
      - Medicinal Seed Bank
      - Homestead Seed Bank
      - Sprouts Seed Bank
      - Spring/Summer Seed Bank

      Roots, Bulbs
      & Transplants

      - All Roots, Bulbs, & Transplants
      - - - - - -
      - Asparagus
      - Garlic
      - Horseradish
      - Leeks
      - Onions
      - Shallots
      - Potatoes
      - Rhubarb
      - Strawberries

      Cover Crops

      - All Cover Crops

      - - - - - -
      - Buckwheat
      - Clover (Crimson)
      - Clover (White Dutch)
      - Clover (Yellow)
      - Hairy Vetch
      - Rapeseed
      - Rye

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      - Books
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      - Easy Seed Sower Tool
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      - Seed Starting Soil Pods
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