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How this works:

  • We will create a unique URL and affiliate dashboard for you to track everything in real-time!

  • Share links to our seeds and product pages with your followers, friends, and family.

  • Get paid a percentage of every single sale you generate after someone clicks on your links!
  • We take care of all order processing, shipping, inventory, etc. 
  • Affiliates are paid weekly via PayPal.   


Sample Affiliate Dashboard:

    The Application Form:

    Complete the form now to gain instant access to your custom affiliate dashboard!

    Your affiliate link will look something like this: (that's not your link!  =) don't use that.  Complete the form below to get your own custom affiliate link) .

    When they click on that link you've basically already done your job.  Now all they need to do is make a purchase for some seeds and you'll automatically get 25%  cut - It's that easy. 

    Your friend DOES NOT need to enter any discount or offer code in order for you to get the conversion. It's all done automatically.  And paid out weekly!

    Let us know if you have any questions or need anything from us.  Thank you for being a member of our community!