All-in-One Tomato Garden Variety Pack

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All-in-One Tomato Variety Pack includes an assortment of our 15 most popular varieties. Seeds are all individually packaged.  Packaged with zip-lock bag system for long-term storage and maximum seed protection. 
  • Zipper-top closure and bottom fold
  • Resealable

Includes all of the following varieties:

1. Beefsteak (Ponderosa Red) (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Ponderosa Red Beefsteak Tomato produces meaty, bright red fruit with mild, sweet flavor. This low-acid ribbed slicer has very few seeds, so there’s more flesh to savor. Strong vines support heavy production, so stake well. Eat them any way you can think of.
  • 75-80 days to maturity

2. Black Krim (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Black Krim Tomato is as unusual as it is flavorful. Hailing from the Black Sea region of Russia, this robust tomato ripens to a unique mix of deep brown shoulders atop smoky red bodies with reddish-green flesh. Reliably produces ½-1lb fruits with a rich, slightly salty flavor. Dress up a sandwich or cook up a Khrenovina sauce.
  • 75-80 days to maturity

3. Bonny Best (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Bonny Best Tomato has a century-old reputation as a canning and ketchup tomato due to its small seed core, acidity, and firm texture, but it’s secretly great as a fresh slicer. This high-yielder produces picture-perfect medium, round, bright red fruits with hearty flavor. A great all-around tomato with many flavorful uses.
  • 75-80 days to maturity

4. Brandywine Pink (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Pink Brandywine Tomato has lightly ribbed shoulders and potato-leaf foliage. Whether that’s the reason no two are alike, only the tomato knows. The vigorous vine takes its time to ripen the 1-2 lb blushing pink fruit with a small seed core. A beautiful slicer with a sweet, tangy flavor to look forward to late in the season.
  • 85-90 days to maturity


5. Cherokee Purple (Appx. 10 seeds)

  • With deep purple shoulders and a dusky pink body, the Cherokee Purple Tomato is a stunner in the garden. Slice open this beefsteak to reveal red flesh tinged with purple, brown, and green. Low acidity and sweet, slightly smoky flavor has made this a favorite of tomato lovers for more than 130 years. Will this be the year it becomes your favorite?
  • 70-90 days to maturity

6. Cherry Chocolate (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Black Cherry Tomato is a rather mysterious one. But first let us tell you about its well-known attributes. It produces large clusters of small, uniformly round 1" fruits with rich, sweet flavor. The mystery is whether these little gems will ripen to an onyx, mahogany, or amethyst color in your particular growing conditions.
  • 75-80 days to maturity


7. Homestead (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • On any productive homestead, every member needs to pull its weight, and the Homestead Tomato out-tomatoes every tomato. Sun up to sun down, in high heat and humidity, this workhorse churns out large, red, smooth, sturdy, meaty, juicy slicers. As comfortable in the overalls of a sandwich as it is done up in its Sunday best for the canner. Just a good ol’ heirloom with good old-fashioned tomato flavor.
  • 75-80 days to maturity

8. Large Red Cherry (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • If we were going to write a short intro about the Large Red Cherry Tomato, we wouldn’t describe them as “cute little things,” decorating your garden like “heavy clusters of small, ruby jewels” that are “bursting with sweet flavor,” and suggest you “mix them with Black Cherry Tomatoes for an ode to a ladybug." No. We would write it in the bullet points, like this:
    - Cute little things
    - Clusters of small, ruby jewels
    - Sweet flavor
    - Mix with Black Cherry Tomatoes for an ode to a ladybug 🐞

9. Rio Grande (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Rio Grande Tomato is a classic plum/paste tomato that gets along with heat, humidity, and drought, but that’s only one of its maravilloso qualities. The plant produces muchos bright red, egg-shaped fruits with a flavor that’s well-balanced between dulce and acidic. Especially bueno for pastes and sauces, but it wouldn’t mind being chopped up into fresh pico de gallo with a little onion, jalapeño, and cilantro.
  • 75-80 days to maturity

10. Rutgers (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Rutgers Tomato has all the best tomato qualities—medium tomato size, smooth tomato skin, bright red tomato color, slightly flattened tomato shape, old-fashioned tomato flavor, compact tomato plant, reliable tomato production, generous tomato yields, and kind to animals. A tomato you can take home to meet the family.
  • 75-80 days to maturity

11. Small Red Cherry (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Small Red Cherry Tomato produces small red cherry tomatoes. Not Large Red Cherry Tomatoes. Small ones and lots of them. Small, like ½" small. Bursting with flavor
  • 70-80 days to maturity

12. Red Pear

  • With a history as old as America herself, the Red Pear Tomato has been a delicious tradition in thousands of gardens. Vigorous vines are loaded with hundreds of small, sweet pear-shaped fruits with a nice acidic bite. Early maturity is a bonus for Northern zones with a short growing season. Try roasting or pickling them for your Fourth of July celebration.
  • 75-80 days to maturity

13. Yellow Pear (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • We don’t say this about a lot of tomatoes, but the Yellow Pear Tomato really should be grown in every garden. We also don’t say this about a lot of tomatoes: It’s prolific. Ripens loads of lemon-yellow, pear-shaped 1"-2" fruits that are delicious straight off the vine. Keep a few empty bags on-hand to fill up and share these sweet, mild flavor bombs with friends and neighbors.
  • 75-80 days to maturity

14. Roma (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Roma Tomato is the quintessential plum/paste tomato. Light on seeds and juice, it has thick fruit walls and dense flesh that holds onto seasonings and spices. Ever so good cooked into a thick sauce or paste, canned, or pureed. Compact plants produce meaty, egg-shaped fruits that are sweet and tangy. Skip the flavorless ones at the grocery store and grow your own Romas this summer.
  • 75-85 days to maturity

15. VR Moscow (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The VR Moscow Tomato was created by Utah State University to thrive in vast intermountain regions, and named after Moscow, Idaho. Vigorous vines produce very respectable 1-2 lb. fruits that are a vivid red. This very robust beefsteak slicer with thick walls and juicy flesh offers voluptuous, rich, old-fashioned tomato flavor. A valuable recipe ingredient for canning, pastes, and sauces, and viscerally responsive to salt and pepper.
  • 80-90 days to maturity

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