All-in-One Cucumber Garden Variety Pack

$2999 USD
All-in-One Cucumber Variety Pack includes an assortment of our most popular cucumber varieties.  Seeds are all individually packaged. 


Includes all of the following varieties:

1. Ashley Cucumbers

  • The cucumber Ashley plant produces excellent yields of 8" long pale green cucumbers. Excellent slicing variety. Perfect for home gardeners and market growers. Grows as a vine. Perfect for raised beds.

2. Boston Pickling Cucumbers

  • This popular picking variety produces smooth, bright-green, 3" fruits with black spines. Grows continually if kept picked.

3. Chinese Snake Cucumbers

  • The Chinese Snake (Curved) cucumber produces fruits that are smooth, dark-green with white spines.  The curved fruits grow to about 15" to 18" long.

4. Homemade Pickling Cucumbers


  • The Homemade Pickles cucumber is one of the best cucumber varieties you can grow to make your own home-grown pickles.

5. Lemon Cucumbers

  • The Lemon Cucumber is a very popular and rare Heirloom variety that resembles a bright yellow lemon.

6. Marketer Cucumbers

  • The Marketer cucumber is a popular All-America Selections (AAS) Winner!  Produces extremely flavorful 9" long dark green cucumbers.

7. Markemore Cucumbers

  • Marketmore cucumbers are a very popular and productive cucumber variety. Fruits grow 8"-9" long and 2" across. Smooth and dark green skin. This is one of our best selling cucumber varieties. Easy to grow. Excellent flavor.

    8. National Pickling Cucumber

    • The National Pickling cucumber is an extremely prolific, old-fashioned cucumber variety.  Extremely popular cucumber variety.  Produces 6" long, medium green, with black spines.

    9. Spacemaster Cucumbers

    • The Spacemaster cucumber gets its name for that very reason ... It's the perfect cucumber variety for gardeners that want to grow cucumbers in limited space.

    10. Straight Eight Cucumbers

    • The Straight Eight cucumber variety is a popular heirloom type of cucumber ideal for slicing and/or for eating fresh right off the vine. 

    11. Tendergreen Burpless Cucumbers

    • The Tendergreen Burpless cucumber variety is extremely sweet and tender.  Produces medium sized green fruits. Pick when they grow to 8".

    12. White Wonder Cucumbers

    • Rare heirloom cucumber variety. Produces beautiful white cucumbers about 6" long  x 2" thick. Heat tolerant. Excellent variety for any sized backyard garden, raised beds, or containers. Looks and tastes amazing.


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