Tomato - Floradade (Determinate)

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Most tomato varieties don’t like nighttime temps above 75F, but the Floradade Tomato takes no notice. Neither does it concern itself with humidity or daytime temps over 95F. It happily minds its business, producing heavy yields of medium-sized slicers with bright red skin and flesh, and a flavor that’s well-balanced between sweet and acidic. It even ripens the fruits quickly.

  • Extremely heat tolerant
  • High yields
  • Quick to ripen
  • Good for Southern gardens


  • Botanical name: Solanum lycopersicum
  • Growth type: Determinate, tomato cage support, no pruning 
  • Tomato size: Medium
  • Depth to plant seeds: .25" deep
  • Spacing between plants: 24" apart
  • Spacing between rows: 36"-48" apart
  • Days to germinate (sprout): 7-14 days
  • Germination soil temps: 75F-95F
  • Soil needs: 6.0-6.5 pH
  • Sun needs: Full sun
  • Frost hardy: No
  • Planting season: Spring, summer
  • # of plants per sq. ft.: Appx. 1 plant per 2 sq. ft.
  • Days to maturity: 70-75 days

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Good companion plants: Basil, Borage, Onion, Parsley, Pepper

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