All-in-One Salsa Garden Variety Pack

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All-in-One Salsa Garden Pack
includes an assortment of our 15 most popular varieties for you to grow in your garden and harvest fresh ingredients right from your own backyard to make your favorite salsa (pico de gallo) recipes. Seeds are all individually packaged.  Packaged with zip-lock re-sealable bag system for long-term storage and maximum seed protection. 

Includes all of the following varieties:

1. Coriander/Cilantro (Appx. 80 seeds)

  • This slow-bolting strain is grown primarily for its broad, deep green, celery-like, pungent foliage. - Used in Oriental and Mexican cuisine - Must have in any salsa or pico de gallo recipe.

2. Onion, Southport Red (Appx. 100 seeds)

  • Red Southort  is a long day variety that produces medium-sized white globe onions.

    - A crisp and mild-flavored onion.

    - Perfect for salads and many other culinary creations.

    - Long day.

    - Grows well in containers and small spaces.

    - Easy to grow.


3. Onion, Tokyo Long White (Appx. 80 seeds)

  • The Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion – or Scallion – is an extremely tasty Japanese variety that grows well throughout the United States.

4. Onion, Evergreen (Appx. 100 seeds)

  • Onion, Evergreen (Bunching)
    a.k.a Scallion (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
    Allium cepa. This plant produces very long and slender bunching onions.

    - Grown exclusively as green bunching onions. Onions have white shanks and white skin making it a very attractive scallion for gourmet dishes.

    - A hardy plant that can withstand cold weather.

    - If you like scallions, you'll love this variety.

    - Extremely popular.

    - A must have for any onion-lover!


5. Onion, White Sweet Spanish (Appx. 100 seeds)

  • The White Sweet Spanish variety will produces a globed shaped white onion. - Long day. - This is one of the most popular white onion varieties available.

6. Pepper, Ancho Grande (Appx. 10 seeds)

  • Plant produces good yields of 4" long by 3" wide hot peppers. - Perfect for making rellanos. - Rated at 2,000 Scoville Heat Units!- Excellent for making salsa! 

7. Pepper, Jalapeno (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • Slightly larger fruit and taller plant with heavy yield.  This Jalapeno pepper will produce over a longer period of time.

8. Pepper, Fresno Chili (Appx. 20 seeds)

  • These Fresno Chili pepper seeds will produces excellent yields of 3" long by 1 ¼" wide red hot peppers. This variety is excellent for any salsa recipe.

9. Pepper, Poblano (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • Plant produces really good yields of green peppers that sometimes take on the shape of a heart. These Poblano peppers aren't to hot. Perfect for making rellanos and chili powder. Overall, it's a great pepper variety to have in your garden.

10. Pepper, California Wonder Bell (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • Large yields of blocky, mostly 4 lobed, thick-walled fruit that is mild and sweet.

11. Tomato, Roma (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • Excellent yields of bright red, medium-small, large shaped fruits. - Popular for cooking, canning, and paste.- Very popular variety. - Produces vigorous vines.- Determinate.

11. Tomato, San Marzano (Appx. 10 seeds)

  • The San Marzano is a very meaty red plum heirloom tomato variety. Typically used in many popular Italian dishes such as Bolognese, Marinara, Soups, Pizza Sauce, Bruschetta, and more! 3 1/2" bright red tomato. Indeterminate.

    13. Tomato, Creole (Appx. 15 seeds)

    • The Creole tomato is a smooth glossy medium red tomato. High quality tomato with excellent flavor. Tolerates the heat extremely well.  Grows well in hot regions.

    14. Tomatillo, Classic (Appx. 10 seeds)

    • These tomatillo seeds will produce delicious 3-5 ounce fruits. Tomatillo is popularly used to make salsas.

    15. Tomatillo, Verde (Appx. 10 seeds)

    • The Verde Tomatillo plant produces medium 3 ounce fruits. Tomatillo is popularly used to make salsas.

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