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We are full supporters of the Safe Seed Pledge.  It's something we take very seriously. First and foremost, we do not buy - OR - grow any seed from large corporations that make Genetically Engineered seeds.  We don't touch that stuff and we never will.

The seeds we offer here aren't like varieties you'd typically find at a local garden center.  In fact, all seeds offered on this website are pure heirloom non-hybridized varieties that are free from genetic engineering. 


Our seeds are also 100% Open-Pollinated - Which means that you can safely save each seed after each harvest and preserve your own collection of heirloom seed for many generations to come.

Our seeds do not contain ANY exogenously inserted embryogenesis deactivator genes caused by human intervention or by any other method.


We do NOT sell or grow anything that has been
genetically modified or chemically altered.


Pure NON-Genetically Modified seeds
100% NON-Hybridized seeds
100% Heirloom/Open-Pollinated seeds
100% Raw & Un-treated seeds

About Our Seeds


Quality Seeds. All Fresh. All Tested.
We only sell seeds that are tested with the highest germination %. Above industry standards and guaranteed to grow.
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Long-Term Shelf-Life
All our seeds are packaged in a re-sealable moisture-proof pack. We do NOT use paper envelopes. Store seeds in a cool/dry/dark environment and they'll remain viable for many years.
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All 100% GMO-FREE
All our seeds are 100% NON-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO). To be specific: Our seeds do not contain any exogenously inserted embryogenesis deactivator genes caused by human intervention or by any other method.
More Info & YouTube Videos on G-M-Os.
Growing your own food isn't hard and we promise to make it as easy as we can along the way. We've got grow an updated collection of grow guides and step-by-step instructions.
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100% Natural. 100% Non-Hybrid.
These are the most natural and pure seed you can buy. These are the only seeds you can plant then save after harvest and repeat.
We Support the Safe Seed Pledge
Your Satisfaction. Our Promise.
We want all our customers to be completely satisfied. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. 100% customer satisfaction - nothing less, always more.
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