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1/8" Deep 6" Apart 10-14 Days Best at 60-70 degrees Spring & Summer Full Sun pH 7.0-7.5 Cabbage & onions 60-65


How to Grow & Harvest Chamomile




When to Plant

Choose a "cool growing season" for planting chamomile. This is when it will thrive best. Also, choose a partly sunny location.

How to Plant

Once your chamomile plant is established, it doesn't require much care.  It usually grows best when it's not "fussed over".  Too much fertilizer can weaken the flavor. Chamomile is drought tolerant, so only water it in times of prolonged drought. 

When to Harvest

Wait to harvest your chamomile once all dew has dried from the plant.  Try to harvest the flowers before sunset, as the flowers will close at that time and then re-open again in the morning. 

Once you've harvested the flowers, turn them upside down and shake gently to remove any dust or insects that may be stuck inside. 

Place the flowers in a very warm place.  Usually a closet is a good option, because it will allow your flowers to dry away from any sunlight or moisture. 

Now that your herb has dried, remove the stem and keep the flowers. Put them in an airtight container, away from the sun.