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1/4" Deep 18" Apart 6-7 Days Between 60° F and 70° F Spring and Fall Full Sun pH of 5.5-6.5 Cabbage 50-70


How to Grow & Harvest Dill


When to Plant

Dill can easily be grown from seed. Direct sow, in early spring. Cover them lightly with soil. 


How to Plant

If this is your first attempt at growing herbs, dill is a wonderful variety to try. Dill prefers full sun and soil that is well drained.  Dill can be grown in average soil, and also can tolerate dry conditions.   Water the plant through periods of drought or once or twice a week.  If necessary, use a general purpose fertilizer once or twice a season. 


When to Harvest

When you're ready to harvest, look for the dark green leaves, otherwise known as "dill weed".  You can harvest the leaves at any time. The young leaves tend to have better flavor.  You can harvest the flower heads after the seeds have formed and all flowers have died and dried up.  Tie the stems together and hang upside down.  Once dry, shake into a paper bag to collect the seeds. 

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