"I just received my seed bank today.  Delivered quickly!  Thank you. I feel good knowing I've got seeds on hand in the event food becomes scarce at the local market due to natural disaster or any other reason."
Jessica V. | Los Angeles, CA  | Wednesday Aug 29 2012

"I have just received my first Seedsnow.com order. Thank you for your prompt shipping. The seeds come packaged in individual baggies that are great for storing. I even got a free Cherry Tomato pack. Thanks so much. I am looking forward to a great garden using more of your seeds."
Wendy F. | Salem, Massachusetts   | Monday Aug 27 2012

"Hi!  I just made my first purchase from SeedsNow.com.  My packaged shipped very quickly and was packaged so nicely.  I really like how the seeds come in resealable bags.  I can't wait to begin my garden!"
Jordan VDH | Adkins, TX | Sunday Aug 26 2012

"Hey SeedsNow, I received my seeds quickly and I even got a bunch extra! Overall great experience shopping with you."
Brad N. | Sarasota, FL | Saturday Aug 25 2012

"Very good experience with SeedsNow. The website experience was very good. Intuitive. Lots of good choices for Non-GMO seed. Had no problems ordering and received my seeds in 4 days! Can't wait to get the suckers in the ground and growing! So far loving SeedsNow. I recommend them."
Michael C. | El Segundo, CA | Saturday Aug 25 2012

"Hello! My order was perfect, thank you. Also thank you very much for the cherry tomato seeds I received in addition to my order. Let me give you a testimonial below. Please feel free to use it on your web site.

I recently placed my first order with SeedsNow.com and received my seeds in about 3 days. In addition, I was sent a very nice bonus pack of seeds. I am really looking forward to starting my Fall garden next month. Thank you for the great customer service!"
Tracy C. | Sunnyvale, CA | Friday Aug 24 2012

"Seeds arrived about 2 weeks after ordering, to Canada, well packed and labeled.

Thanks very much for shipping to Canada, I don't know how difficult it is to do paperwork for cross border agricultural produce but you seem to be the only ones that can manage it!

It's also great being able to buy seeds at this time of year. All the local stores seem to stock up for may - when it's still cold and raining here in the pacific NW - and are having closing sales at the end of July.  So it's hard to get winter vegetable seeds.

A few points about the site/ordering process:

There is no indication of shipping rates to Canada until you complete the ordering process, I forgot a few things so had to place another order and $8 seems to be the minimum. But I got $5 off from your other offer - thanks!   Would you consider a free shipping level for Canada? It might encourage people to buy more.

For Canadians and other ex-pats you could add non-American names for some plants eg Arugula=Rocket, Cilantro=Coriander.

Some info on planting would be helpful especially if this included when to sow. I know it's slightly tricky for different  climate zones but a chart showing that veg X should be sown indoors this month could boost out-of-season sales. You could even have a front page - 'things to plant now' - list."
Martin B. | Bowen Island, BC | Thursday Aug 23 2012

"Hi!  I just wanted to thank you so much for the shipment of seeds! They have great packaging; very minimal and not wasteful.  I had to phone in my order because of my computer's technical difficulties and he couldn't have been nicer and more informative.  He placed the whole order for me.  He advised me on several varieties and explained what kind of vegetable they would produce.  As someone new to gardening this greatly helped me and I will definitely be ordering from you all again!  Rapid and friendly service..."
Heather G. | Farasota, FL | Wednesday Aug 22 2012

"I purchased seeds from Seeds Now and had a great experience.  Everything I purchased, planted, and grew was extremely fruitful. I would definitely purchase from this company again.  I am especially interested in non-gmo seeds, and this company has what I am looking for.  Thank you Seeds Now for your dedication to healthy living!"
Terry H. | Cincinnati OH | Wednesday Aug 22 2012

"This was the first time I ordered from your company and I just wanted to say that I was very pleased with the product sent and how quickly it arrived.  Thank you for making it so easy.  I like the little packages and clear labels too.  I will order from you again for sure!"
Trudy W. | Eastampton, NJ | Wednesday Aug 22 2012

"Hello, I would like to say how extremely happy I am with my "Homestead Seed Bank". I was led to seedsnow.com by an advertisement I found on Chris Greene's news website "greenewave.com". I've been considering buying a seed bank for some time now and having his support of you guys was all I really needed to take the plunge. I grew up helping my grandfather grow his many gardens so I had a good idea of what i was looking for and you guys had it neatly bundled (with ebooks!!), ready to go, and priced right. An hour after I placed my order I received an notice from you guys that the item had been shipped- WOW!! 3 days later I had my seeds! Talk about service. I'll be buying more very soon and I will be directing all my like-minded friends your way as well. Thank you for doing the hard work you guys do- I thank you and my family thanks you."
Robert P. | Oxford, Mississippi | Wednesday Aug 22 2012

"Hi SeedsNow Family, Thank you so much for filling my order so promptly. I've already planted a
few of the selections from the Fall Harvest Seed Bank and have shoots already, and this made me very happy! I can't say how many times I've purchased seeds from a store and after a few weeks patiently waiting for germination, nothing has appeared, and I'm left to wonder if it was the seeds or something I did incorrectly. Being a seasoned gardener now, I know that if its the right time for planting the seeds and I know my conditions are right, I know with a lot of certainty that it was the seeds. I'm very happy with my purchases of fresh and healthy seeds and can't wait to get hose herbs and veggies in the ground. I plan on trying out the sprouts this weekend. Thanks for the great selection of non-GMO seeds!"
Corrie M. | Lakewood, CA | Saturday Aug 18 2012

"I am so far very happy with my purchase from SeedsNow. The CD that came with the order has a plethora of useful information to help me start my very first garden.  I received the package today and planted 5 different types of plants in the peat pots within hours of my order arriving.  Couldn't have been simpler.  Thanks"
Pamela C. | Covington, KY | Friday Aug 17 2012

"My order arrived extremely swiftly from California to my New Jersey doorstep. Although I have yet to plant my new seeds and witness the quality results of the product, I am very much pleased with seedsnow.com's operations. The value of what I received and what I spent is also a valued plus. If these seeds grow well, I'll definitely be obtaining additional products from this resource!"
Andrew B. | Manahawkin, NJ | Friday Aug 17 2012

"I cannot believe how fast my seeds arrived! I couldn't be more pleased with the packaging and obvious care and attention that goes into your product. I can't wait to get these things into the ground. If they grow like they look like their cared for, this will be my best garden yet!"
Ryan H. | Fredericksburg, TX | Thursday Aug 16 2012

"Hi, just wanted to say Thank You for the Wonderful Seeds I ordered from you. I found you through a Trusted Source (Urban Organic Gardener) and was excited to place my first order. My Garden is coming along and Looking Great! Can't wait to eat my Vegetables!"
Nancy M. | Lake Elsinore, CA | Thursday Aug 16 2012

"I received my seeds very quickly and my order was complete and correct. I am sooo happy to find great quality seeds at an affordable price. I am looking forward to planting a fall crop, and expecting wonderful results!"
Cindy N. | Colorado Springs, CO | Wednesday Aug 15 2012

Indeed everything went just fine, in fact better than expected!
First, I received my order one day earlier than expected !!!
Second, within 3 days or getting my seeds, planted some that first afternoon; I had seeds germinating!!!!!!
In fact I do not think one seed has taken the "7-10 days" to germinate.
Also, in so far as I can tell, I am getting much higher than then 85% germination rate more like 95%.
Overall, I am very pleased with what I have received and would definitely order from you again."
Kyle R. | Saint Francisville, LA | Wednesday Aug 15 2012

"Just love purchasing my seeds from this company. The site is well designed. I did have  an order  problem , so i called and left a message and a very friendly and patient voice returned the call in less than a minute and had a resolve in less than another minute . The order came very fast and was well packed.there was also a free sample. I realized I forgot to order tomatoes a day after I placed the order and coincidently and to my delight , that was what the free sample was.... so they read minds, too!"
Marion M. | Port St. Lucie, FL | Wednesday Aug 15 2012

"Hi -

I've ordered twice from seedsnow.com and I've been more than happy with my purchases.

I think the seed kits are great.  I've ordered the Homestead seed kit and the pepper kit.

All the packaging was in good order and the seeds germinated quick and reliably.

The website is easy to navigate and full of great information that makes it easy to order.

I'll definitely be coming back for some more seeds next season.

Patrick J. | Saint Charles, MO | Monday Aug 13 2012

"Hey all at SeedsNow.com,    

Thanks for the quick shipment and easy to navigate website, I've never ordered something online so smoothly.
You will definitely have my business in the future. I loved the separate packs of seeds with labels.
I just threw them in a mason jar and placed them in the freezer to store until next season since we plan on moving soon.

I am very excited when I think of what my garden next year is going to look like with all these veggies growing all over the back yard.

As a student at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Sacramento and hopefully will a little hard work a future chef.
I also plan on growing my own organic, non gmo, nonhybrid veggies and fruits and using them in my dishes.

Keep up the good work to all the staff and don't let your standards slip because you are what I expect when I order from home."
Josh & Ayla T. | Saint Charles, MO | Sunday Aug 12 2012

"Thanks for the follow up email.  That is great customer service.  I did receive the package it was exactly what I ordered plus a bonus that I can't wait to plant.  Just waiting for the temps to lower a bit before I try a fall crop of lettuce.  Thanks for everything.  Will definitely order again!!!"
Susan H. | Saint Charles, MO | Sunday Aug 12 2012

"Thank you so much for the prompt service!  I ordered my seeds and two days later, I had them in my hands.  I loved the way they were packaged!  I'm excited for my fall planting!"
Lori W. | Live Oak, TX | Saturday Aug 11 2012

"Thanks for the amazing seed bank! Came quick, and neatly packaged. Th whole process was simple and painless. Can't wait to see how they grow!"
Jessica S. | Saint Peters, Missouri | Friday Aug 10 2012

"I have been most frustrated with trying to place the order on line. Other than that when I called and talked with Chris, he took my order over the phone. I got the seeds in only 4 days! Talk about fast service...thank you! Now I am anxious for our hot, dry Texas weather to cool off a bit and get busy planting some new veggies.!"
Donna P. | Cresson, TX   | Thursday Aug 09 2012

"I am thoroughly impressed with the Fall-Winter seed packs and the price! There are enough seeds to share, or for future years. I just planted my seeds to get them started and the whole process was easier than what I have attempted in the past few seasons.  Thanks so much for the CD, I've passed the info on to friends."
Cynthia C. | Willis, MI | Wednesday Aug 08 2012

"As requested, I would like to provide some feedback on my recent order #1424638. I am very happy with the speed and efficiency of shipping. In addition, I am pleased with the selection and quality of seeds available from SeedsNow. I can't wait for my seeds to sprout! Thanks so much!"
Arin B. | Temecula, CA  | Wednesday Aug 08 2012

"Thanks for your offer. I Love the ease of SeedsNow.com I live in a rural community and don't have the time to go into town every time I need supplies. I love the expedient manner in which my seeds arrive, this helps me during my time off work doing what I love best relaxing under the sun gardening. Without you guys I could never possibly enjoy my hobby thanks!"
Christopher C. | Temecula, CA  | Wednesday Aug 08 2012

"I wanted to wait for a while before I sent this review, but I simply can't contain my excitement anymore! I am a complete noob when it comes to gardening. Earlier attempts at growing from seed didn't even fizzle - they just didn't happen. And then I ordered from you - I planted a handful of seeds, and now, just five days later, I've already had to move them to a larger planter, because their strong little roots were pushing up against the bottom of the starter box! I cannot wait to get these guys in the garden for the fall, and sow more for the next wave - thank you so much for giving me this success and the confidence to push on with this work!

I attached a shaky picture of my beautiful seedlings - you'll have to excuse my drying laundry, but I am just too excited not to share!"
Heather K. | Decatur, AL | Wednesday Aug 08 2012

"I bought 15 types of seeds at your shop, and I am very happy. I received them quickly, even if I live in Québec, and I can't wait for next summer to taste these beautiful fruit and vegetables! There is a wide variety of choices so everyone can find something they like!  Thank you to give us the opportunity to take care of our planet at a very low price! (sorry for my bad English!)"
Gabrielle B. | Des Moines, IA  | Tuesday Aug 07 2012

"Hello! I wanted to write a quick note about just how pleased I have been with my SeedsNow.com order. We purchased two of the mega seed banks. One to use now and one for storage. The containers they come in are awesome! Sleek and easy to open with each package of seeds clearly labeled. I immediately started germinating some seeds. You are instructed to place a few seeds in each pod but I just put one seed in each pod to see what the germination rate would be. ALL of the seeds sprouted!!! Every. Single. One. Most within 4 days and the rest in 7 days. I was very impressed and transfered the seedlings to my garden where they are going strong now. I would highly recommend SeedsNow.com for the quality of their product and the awesome variety of seeds contained in the Mega Seed Bank! I will not hesitate to order again in the future!!"
Alisa D. | Des Moines, IA  | Tuesday Aug 07 2012

"Hi, we wanted to write and let you know how much we enjoyed our sprouts. Neither of us had tried garlic sprouts before - they were delicious! (And potent!) I think they would be beautiful in salads and pastas. Also, our alfalfa sprouts began sprouting on the first day and have been quite tasty as well. Due to the season we have not been able to plant the rest of our seeds but we are very happy with the clear packaging and the plump, round tomato seeds. We can hardly wait to plant them and the other beautiful varieties we ordered. Thank you for the service you provide!"
Peter & Candice B. | Vancouver, WA  | Sunday July 29 2012

"I purchased my seeds on the evening of 7/24 and received them 7/28. I am very happy with the quick shipping and the seeds all look clean and happy! I can't wait to plant them, and feel a lot better buying seeds from SeedsNow than the huge companies you find at the big box stores, since with you guys you can clearly see that the seeds are
Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO. Plus, the prices are very fair. I would have ordered more seeds but I need a bigger garden first! However, immediately after placing my order, I was already thinking about some space-saving alfalfa seeds. Thank you guys!"
Caitlyn C. | Liberty Hill, TX  | Saturday July 28 2012

"Thank you for shipping my order so promptly. I look forward to having fresh veggies in the fall! For once it was really nice doing business with a seed supplier who did exactly as promised. Once again, thank you!"
Curtis M. | Mustang OK  | Saturday July 28 2012

"I am so pleased with my experience with Seeds Now.  I bought two types of tomatoes (small cherry, and beefsteak), eggplant (Florida Market), and sweet pepper seeds, and they sent me a free sample of large cherry tomato seeds.  They arrived within a few days, and I received a nice follow-up e-mail from them just to make sure that everything got to me.  I direct sowed the seeds on Sunday, and I already have tomato seedlings sprouting up on Friday!  The tomatoes have an extremely high germination rate (much better than the advertised 85%), and I can't wait to see the eggplant and pepper seedlings in the coming days.  I am definitely buying from them again and highly recommend them!"
Julie L. | Houstan, TX  | Friday July 27 2012

"I just wanted to let you guys know I was super happy with the quick shipping time I recieved! I ordered my seeds on Monday and had them by Friday! Now I'm ready to plant the seeds and wait for the harvest! Thank you!"
Rachel S. | Cape Coral, FL   | Friday July 27 2012

"Hello, just wanted to let you know that my order was delivered in a timely manner.  I'm saving my seeds for now.  I also wanted you to know how much I appreciated all the information on your website.  It was very helpful."
Terri C. | Wentzville, Missouri | Thursday July 26 2012

"I can't believe how quick I received my shipment. I ordered them on Monday, and by Thursday I had them. Wow, what great service. It's hard to come by these days."
Jennifer C. | Trenton, NC | Thursday July 26 2012

"Dear Seedsnow.com, Wow!! i wasn't expecting to get the seeds SO FAST!! I'm super excited to get planting right away! Thank you so much for such quality products and extremely fast shipping. I even got free cherry tomato seeds! I will be back to order more in the future. GREAT site. Thank you, thank you , thank you!"
Janèle F. | Overland, Missouri | Thursday July 26 2012

"Hello SeedsNow.com! Just received my order today and am very satisfied with the product as well as presentation. Very cute and informative; and quite practical. Thank you very much!"
Erin P. | East St. Paul, Manitoba | Tuesday July 24 2012

"I placed my order on Saturday and received my order today (Monday), this is the fastest I have ever received seeds in the mail! SeedsNow.com was recommended to me by "katzcradul" on youtube and I now know why she recommended SeedsNow.com as the place to order seeds! I am now so spoiled on how fast I received my seeds and how well they were packaged - that I don't want to order seeds from anywhere else again! I will be recommending SeedsNow.com to my gardening friends and I plan to order again in the future. Thank you for a great buying experience!"
Laura S. | Bonneau, SC | Monday July 23 2012

"Hi!  This year I started making my first steps as a gardener...I was excited and at the same time scared, I had not experience.  When I received your first package I got very happy; the seed bags and the instructions were very clear and neat. I started feeling more comfortable about gardening!  Your request for testimonies tells me you are running a business, honestly.  Now, I know I have people with knowledge and willing to assist me about plants. Thank you!"
Elena P. | Miami, FL | Monday July 23 2012

"Thank you so much of offering average citizens the chance to buy non-gmo seeds to save in case of a food emergency.  This is my first seed purchase, so I have no experience to compare the value of your products to any other products.  However, the packaging is beautiful and informative, and the seeds look to be in fantastic condition.  I adore the airtight time capsule container!

The only drawback was the two packs of seeds were opened in the container and spilled out into the container.  They were the Red Spring Wheat and the Hickory King Corn.  Im glad they were two different sizes so I was sure which seeds belonged to which bag.

Overall, I am very pleased about your product and would definitely recommend Seeds Now to others."
Arianne L. | New Orleans, LA | Sunday July 22 2012

"We received our seeds in just 3 days. Thanks for the fast service. My wife and I have been organic gardening for a few years now. Each year the garden gets a little better as the soil improves. We ended up with an overabundance of veggies this year, and were able to share with many of our neighbors. We canned what we could and have a freezer full of corn, broccoli, cabbage, peppers and eggplant. We are lucky to live in mid Florida as we can have 2 gardens each year. Spring and Fall. We are hoping your seeds are good to grow in our area. We are already starting seedlings for the fall garden. We will be sure to save seeds from each variety of plant. Here is a slideshow of our 2010 spring garden.
Thanks again and we look forward to doing business with you in the future."
Fran & Fred M. | Lake Placid, FL | Sunday July 22 2012

"Seed banks arrived very quickly and very well packaged.  Thank you."
Kathy C. | Olathe, KS | Saturday July 21 2012

"I was surprised at the number of seeds in each packet, I just purchased some seeds at the store and there were only 8 seeds in the packet. The CD is great! I ordered from you after hearing you on Charlie McGrath's Wide Awake News. Plan to order from you again. Thanks and keep up the good work."
Keith P. | Reedley, CA | Saturday July 21 2012

"Dear SeedsNow: I want to thank you for your prompt response to my order. I recieved my order in about 4 days and I am very pleased. I planted my winter seeds last Saturday the 14th and as of thursday the 19th all seeds that were planted have sprouted. I will definitely order my seeds from you guys when that time comes. Non-GM is very important to me. Thank you very much!"
Michael H. | Baton Rouge, LA | Friday July 20 2012

"I received my order of 25 different seeds and it was an awesome purchase. The package was well protected and I even got an unexpected surprise.  They sent me a few ebooks on gardening, which were fantastic since I have never planted anything in my life.  I will absolutely be ordering from them again."
Rashida T. | Bedford, TX | Friday July 20 2012

"The service was excellent. The website is very user friendly. The delivery was quick and was delivered in four days. The only negative feedback I have is that there is no approximate delivery date on the website. We will buy from you guys again! God Bless!"
Miranda M. | Miami, FL | Friday July 20 2012

"Thank you for the great service, the quick shipping, and amazing products. I've already got some of them planted and have had an extremely high germination percentage (probably 99%)!
I will be a repeat customer."
Caleb B. | San Antonio, TX | Thursday July 19 2012

"I ordered the Mega Seed Bank, and wow, I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived!!  Because I am using the seed bank as disaster insurance, I did not even open the vacuum-sealed container, but I am confident the seeds would perform as other customers have indicated.  Thanks for being there to provide pure, NON-GMO, heirloom seeds.  You provide a true service to the world!"
David M. | Dayton, Minnesota | Thursday July 19 2012

"I am extremely happy with my order!!! It only took 4 days from order to receiving my product. I cannot wait till they are mature and I can enjoy my vegetables!!!!!! It is nice to know I can order high quality seeds to grow food for my family at a great cost! I will certainly be ordering from you again soon..."
Marcy K. | Mesa, AZ | Monday July 16 2012

"My veggies (cucumbers, so far) are starting to come in and I'm feeling really good that I chose non-genetically modified seeds. There were so many seeds in the original order that I shared them with my neighbor, making sure he knew they were pure seeds. I'm waiting to hear how his veggies are doing too. Thank you for offering these valuable products."
Carole M. | Worcester, MA | Monday July 16 2012

"I am freaking impressed with how quickly my package came. I just bought a new home and will be using the seeds to start my non GMO garden. Excellent job guys!"
Patrick B. | Missoula, Montana | Monday July 16 2012

"Seeds Now transactions are easy, prices are good, and shipment was fast and thorough. I would definitely do business again."
Patrick B. | Thibodaux, LA | Friday July 13 2012

"My seeds were securly packaged and shipped quickly. Each seed pack was clearly labeled with a color picture and description of what was inside. I will recommend SeedsNow.com to all of my garden buddies."
Chris C. | Thibodaux, LA | Friday July 13 2012

"Dear SeedsNow:
I just wanted to thank you for such a superior product!  I received your Mega Seed Bank and used some of the seeds to start my new green house and garden.  I cannot believe how fast and big things are growing!  Every single seedling that I started grew into a lovely plant!!  I have already harvested and enjoyed several varieties of lettuce and in no time I will have a bounty of tomatoes!  I will most definitely buy your seeds again!  Well done, SeedsNow!"
Sharon A. | La Pine, OR  | Friday July 13 2012

"Ordered seeds 6/29; Received 7/2; Planted Broccoli seeds in indoor starters on 7/9; First sprout on 7/12.   We couldn’t be happier with our purchase from Seeds Now!"
Tiffany D. | Phoenix, AZ  | Thursday July 12 2012

"I am fairly new to buying seeds online - mainly buying them at local garden centers.  I was very impressed by not only the variety you offered but the very competitive pricing.  I received my package within a few days of ordering.  I love the way each packet of seeds is labeled and bundled in their resealable bags - what a great idea!  I'm already looking forward to next years garden and purchasing more seeds from your company. "
Melissa D. | Dillsburg, PA | Thursday July 12 2012

"Dear Seeds Now,
Thanks to Charlie of Wide Awake News, I found out about your company! I had purchased a seed bank from another company, also. Their seeds were not as promised! Many seeds did not grow at all. When they did grow, they did not yield well.
Your seeds are the best available!!!!!!!!! I bought your seed bank last year! ALL seeds planted last year and this year grew into big beautiful high yielding plants! Your seeds are far more superior than any others I have ever purchased in the past!
I was astounded harvesting your purple top white globe turnips! They grew to over 5 inches across, nice big round globes! So delicious to!
Your seeds make "growing your own" such an easy, pleasurable and rewarding task! Thank-You!
Susan L."
Monmouth County, NJ | Tuesday July 10 2012

"Hay,y'all, thanks for the timely response to my order. the seeds look whole, clean and undamaged. the seed starting pots - ditto.  I was told about your company through katzcradul on YouTube.  Seeds are a package of hope for our future and our well being. Little bits of life waiting to begin anew. Thank you."
-Don & Gail M. (Travelers Rest, SC) | Monday July 9 2012

"After watching my friend Katzcradle, I put in my fall and spring order. Just as she said, quick delivery, just in time to get my fall cold crop started. I was able to find a few veg... that were hard to find this time of year as well. Good Luck to all, and Happy Harvest."
-Christine W. (Highland, MI) | Monday July 9 2012

"The seeds I ordered online were easy to find and were delivered very quickly. I have planted several varieties of seeds that I purchased from SeedsNow, including spinach, tomato's, carrots, and jalapeno's.  I have limited space so I have to garden from pots and they are all doing very well! GOOD WORK!"
-Jackie M. (Kent, WA) | Monday July 9 2012

"I just opened my package and can't tell you how much I love my order.  In fact, I am already planning my next order.  SeedsNow.com will definitely be the place I go to acquire my seeds from now on.  I particularly like how the seeds are packaged providing the detailed information and a picture.  I would consider myself a beginner gardener, so I am looking forward to trying some new varieties. Thank you for your great service and super fast shipping!!!!"
-Ronda M. (San Antonio, TX  ) | Saturday July 7 2012

"I love seedsnow.com. My seeds arrived quickly and without problems. I still haven't planted all of them. I have never planted seeds in my life I hope I can manage to grow something. Thanks seedsnow.com!"
-Ivan V. (Los Angeles, CA) | Friday July 6 2012

"My seeds arrived very fast, thank you! There appears to be more seeds in the packets than advertised. Again, thank you! I appreciate the detail that went into each packet. So glad Katzcradul from YouTube suggested your site. I learned too late that my entire garden this year is GMO. Can't wait for next year!"
-Julie V. (Evergreen, CO) | Wednesday July 4 2012

"Amazing turn-around after having placed my order...just 3 days.  Wow!  The seeds look beautiful and were packaged beautifully.  What I love is that there's SO much information on the label.  I can see what the plant looks like, germination time, rate, etc.  I like everything about my first experience with SeedsNow."
-Katzcradul (Missouri) | Monday July 2 2012

"I have my seeds in their little pellets now outside getting some sun. I look forward (please Lord help me) to getting a garden started, and adding more varieties as we go. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity to grow non-GMO seeds. What you guys are doing is amazing and I wish more people would go this route. God Bless!"
-Claudia C. (Lake Mary, FL  | Monday July 2 2012

"Just received my seed kit and everything looks great! Very fast service! I will recommend you to family and friends. Thanks!"
-Burt W. (Cleburne, TX | Saturday June 30 2012

"I am extremely happy with my order!!! It only took 4 days from order to receiving my product. I cannot wait till they are mature and I can enjoy my vegetables!!!!!! It is nice to know I can order high quality seeds to grow food for my family at a great cost! I will certainly be ordering from you again soon..."
-Mari M. (Redlands, CA) | Saturday June 30 2012

"I am so excited to have found SeedsNOW as a source for non-GMO seeds.  After reading your site, I believe that you are as serious about this issue as I am.  Love my Seed Vault, too!"
-Lisa A. (Buffalo, NY) | Wednesday June 27 2012

"You guys are awesome!!! I'm glad I found you guys and your seeds are non-gmo and it took me forever to find non-gmo seeds and your so fast at shipping the only thing i would change is the contact e-mail button on the website I had a mix up with my order and it took me a while to find it because it is not under the contact menu that one dont work but besides that I have had no trouble with anything and thanks again!"
-LeAnn L. (Maryville, TN) | Wednesday June 27 2012

"Wow I am super impressed at how fast I received my seeds! Loved the quality of the container!!! Beautifully filled with all my REAL seeds! I wished I had found you sooner!"
-Connie K. (Sharon, WI) | Monday June 25 2012


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Start these NOW for a fall garden!

Start these NOW for a fall garden!

Summer will soon be over but having a thriving vegetable garden doesn't have to end when summer does. With a little bit of planning, and p...
How Many Plants a 12″ Container?

How Many Plants a 12″ Container?

Here is a suggested number of plants that will grow successfully in a 12″ container. It would be a waste of money and time to start more seeds...