4 Trap Plants You Should Be Growing To Help Deter Pests

Controlling insects in the garden may seem like a never ending battle for some, but have you ever considered that fixing the problem may be as simple as just planting a few "sacrificial crops" for the problematic bugs to feast on instead of your prized fruits or vegetables?

Planting a variety of "trap plants" will lure those pests away from your favorite crops. It is an organic, natural, and quite effective way to approach controlling pests and insects in your garden.

Different insects prefer different types of crops, so do your research to find out what those pesky buggers are drawn to, and plant them in your garden away from the crop you're trying to protect. Usually a border of "trap plants" around your garden area will help minimize the damage to the plants you want to thrive.

Always practice good crop rotation, and companion planting to help maximize the effectiveness of growing "trap plants".

When your "trap plants" become over-run with insects, feel free to remove the plant all-together and dispose of it to keep the pests from breeding and creating a larger habitat in your garden.

Nasturtium, Marigold, Chervil, & Radish are some of our favorite "Trap Plants"! Planting each of these will cover a wide variety of pests you may have lurking in your garden waiting to destroy your precious crops.


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