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Sprouts/Microgreens - Beet, Dark Red

$499 USD

These Dark Red Beets grow into gorgeous, tender sprouts with deep red shoots and delicate green leaves.  An amazing earthy flavor rounds out this extremely rewarding micro-green.

Beets can be the more difficult sprout to grow… but well worth it!  It's the prettiest sprout there is (flame red) and can make any plate look and taste even better.

Beets like warm air 75 - 78 degree temperature, humidity 80 - 86%, water temperature 70 degrees) and low light in the room for the first 3 days. The outer surface of a beet seed is like a sponge and can absorb a great amount of water.  Please read these instructions carefully:

Proper way to sprout Beet seed:

  1. Put beet seed in a bucket/tub/container
  2. Let the seeds soak in warm (not boiling and not cold) water for approx. 8 hours. Stir well in about 4 hours.
  3. Put in colander and Rinse with lukewarm water until the water that comes off is no longer brown.
    ⚠️ This is important, as red beet has the above water soluble anti-sprouting components (slime) on its hulls. This is a protection: otherwise, in nature, red beet would sprout in an environment that is not humid enough. Clever seed, isn’t it?
  4. Set aside in a warm room.  Give NO WATER and it will sprout in approx. 24-48 hrs.
  5. Then, water as you would any of your other sprouts & micro-greens

Happy planting!

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