How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

Herbs aren't just for growing outdoors. With a few tips and tricks, you'll be on your way to growing a healthy and successful herb garden indoors.

What Are Some of The Best Herbs To Grow Indoors? 

Annuals- Annual plants are those with a life cycle that lasts only one year. You'll need to replant these once a year. 

Biennials- Plants which require two years to complete their life cycle.

Perennials- Plants that grow, die and regrow for many growing seasons are called Perennials. Usually the top portion of the plant will die each winter and regrow the following spring from the existing root system. 

Step 1- Starting Your Seeds:

  • Start your seeds indoors using a lightweight soil or seed starting soil pods.
  • Place your planted seeds or tray of soil pods in a warm room out of direct sunlight. 
  • Artificial light will help, such as full spectrum bulbs or grow lights, but won't be necessary if your room has plenty of sunlight.
  • You can be creative! Even a small mason jar makes a great option to start your seeds in!

Step 2- Transplanting Your Seeds:

  • Transplant your young seedlings into a larger containers once they are about 2-3 inches in height and have their first set of "true leaves". 

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Herbs need 4-6 hours of sunlight every day. 
  • Aim for a room that will stay between 60-70 degrees. 
  • Choose permanent containers that have adequate drainage holes.
  • Try not to overwater the soil.  The soil should feel damp, not wet or mushy. 
  • Rotate your plants once a week so each side of the plant gets adequate light. This will keep them from getting "leggy" or leaning to one side. 
  • Prune both small and large leaves.  If you prune too many of the large leaves, it might stunt the plant's growth.
  • Remove any dead leaves so the plant can focus on delivering nutrients to healthy stems and leaves.

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