Potting benches are a wonderful piece of furniture you can store, display and organize all of your gardening tools and accessories on! Purchasing one new can cost several hundred dollars, but we suggest using what you already might have, or can find for a very low cost, perhaps even free, to make your own custom potting bench!
"The material is the design". What do you have that could be transformed into a potting bench? Old bed frames are readily available at garage sales, or on craigslist ads.  Have any old pallets you've been wanting to use in a project?  Combine the two, into a lovely custom potting bench!  
Use the headboard for the back of the bench, and cut a pallet into sections to create your shelves. Use the running boards as side frames and place the footboard onto the front of the bench.  Have any old futon frames laying around? They make great trellises for climbing vines or racks to hang your larger garden tools on!
Store things like your "potting moss" and un-used seed starting pellets in mason jars!
Building a potting bench out of recycled materials is a great way to stay organized with your gardening tools!
They also look pretty neat too!

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