Here are 5 simple tips to growing herbs in containers:

TIP #1:
Don’t skimp on the potting mix!

Look for a premium quality potting mix that holds moisture but drains well. This will give plant roots the perfect balance of air, moisture, and stability to grow a great harvest. Quality potting mix stays fluffy all season long. It does not contain actual dirt that would compact with frequent watering.

TIP #2: Choose the correct pot.

Be sure to choose a pot large enough to accommodate your plants as they mature. There are plenty of things that can be used as a container including pails, buckets, wire baskets, washtubs, window planters, and even large food cans. Think outside the box by using old wagons, bathtubs, and even kitchen colanders! If you aren’t sure about what size to use, remember, bigger is always better. Plants will be healthier and will last longer because the roots will have more room to grow.

Make sure your pot has a drainage hole in the bottom. Believe it or not, color can be a factor as well! Dark colored containers will absorb heat that could possible damage the plant roots. If you must use dark colored pots, try painting them a lighter color.

TIPΒ #3: Plants like to eat too.

Even if your potting mix came with an organic fertilizer already mixed in, you need to feed your plants. Some potting mixes include just enough fertilizer to give plants a charge when they’re starting. Mixes designed to feed for several months run out sooner in hot weather with frequent watering. Try a soluble fertilizer for quick results.

TIPΒ #4:Β  Provide plenty of sunshine.

At least 6-8 hours is best. The sun drives energy for production and for making sugars, acids, and other compounds responsible for the fullest flavor. Make sure pots on a deck or porch get enough sunlight and move them to a sunny spot if shade encroaches. Without sun, the fruits will not ripen and the plants will be stressed.

TIP#5: Water on a regular basis.

Did you know that vegetables are at least 90% water? To produce well, they may need daily watering, especially in hot weather since you can’t always rely on rain. Water plants at soil level and make sure to water before the sun goes down, leaves will need to dry before nightfall.

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