With gardening comes weeds! Here's a few tips on how to kill them quick!

Vodka: Add 1 cup of vodka to 6 cups of water in a spray bottle, then add a few drops of dish soap…

This solution works great for weeds that are in direct sunlight. Within a few hours the weeds dry out, and shrivel up to nothing. Just be careful not to spray this on delicate flowers because it will dry them out too!

Vinegar: The key to using vinegar to kill weeds is to pour it on the young ones that have immature roots and delicate leaves.

It will literally suck the life out of it and within a few days the weed will be brown and dead.

Boiling Water: Instead of dumping it down the drain when using it to cook, bring it outside and pour it over a few weeds.

Your weeds will be dead within a few hours!

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