Have some extra eggshells laying around? Look no further. Below are some great ways to use your eggshells inside your garden!
-Deter slugs, snails, and cutworms. Loosely crush up egg shells in to small pieces. Sprinkle these pieces in a thick ring around the base of young tender plants to deter harmful pests like slugs, snails, & cutworms. Insects like these don't like their tender bodies crawling over the sharp shells. 
-Add ground shells to the bottom of planting holes for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. This gives the plants a nice dose of calcium which helps stop blossom end rot that can commonly affect these crops. 
- Put lightly broken egg shells (roughly half pieces) in the bottom of plant pots instead of rocks for drainage. The egg shells are lighter than rocks and allow for more air flow in the soil. They will also break down slowly and give your plant nutrients over time.
-Add finely crushed shells directly into your compost bin. Make sure you crush them up very well or grind them in to a powder. This will help add calcium to the soil you will use in your garden next year. 
* To grind up your eggshells, try using an old coffee grinder. One that is dedicated specifically to grinding spices, oats, nuts, etc. Rinse well after grinding.

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