Making a bean teepee is a fun and easy idea. It makes a great addition to any home garden and will provide a great conversation piece to visiting friends and neighbors.Β  You can grow any vining vegetable on a teepee like this such as vining squash, melons, pumpkins, peas and of course pole beans. This idea also provides children a place to play or even read outside in your garden.Β  You can even add a few vines with flowers, like clematis to help beautify your garden space.
Constructing a bean teepee is simple, and requires few materials. Start by collecting several branches or pieces of bamboo. All depending on the size of the teepee you're desiring!Β  You'll want to have a friend help you form a teepee by standing all of the branches on their ends, upward. Once you're happy with the basic structure of the teepee grab some rope or twine and secure all of the ends at the top together to help hold it all in place.Β  You then can move around each branch to get the exact shape you're looking for.
You'll want to drive a stake or piece of metal fencing into the ground at the base of eachΒ branch to help hold the teepee securely in place. You don't want the wind knocking over your teepee if it's full of vegetables or has small children playing inside.
These metal fence stakes work great because they have a way of cradling the branch and they also have holes already in them where you can drill screws into the branch holding it to the stake even more securely.
Then using your drill, every six inches, insert a screw.Β  Once you've done this on every branch, all the way up, take some heavy duty twine and wrap it around each screw creating lines back and forth from each branch. This will help give the plants something to grow on and you'll get a more "filled in" look with your teepee.Β 

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