Love fresh homemade pizza? Make a "Pizza Garden" by using fresh herbs, tomatoes and peppers! Everything you'll need to make delicious pizza at home can grow right in this easy-to-make raised garden bed. Β 
This is a fun project you can make on the weekend, and it's a great way to entice your kids to get out into the garden with you. Everybody loves pizza!
What You'll Need:Β 
8- 8 foot long pieces of garden lumber
1 box of 4 inch long nails
8- 2 inch long nails
yarn or garden twine
chop saw
tape measure
1 bag of mulch
1/3 yard of garden mix
What to Plant in Your Pizza Garden:
Cut all 8 pieces of lumber, with your chop saw, into 16" long pieces cut at an 11 degree angle. Β You should get 6 pieces per board.
On a flat surface, begin nailing each piece together using your 4 inch long nails and hammer.Β 
Assemble a total of 3 rings. Β The diameter of your circles should be close to 80 inches.
Pick the location of where you want your pizza garden to be, and lay the first ring of lumber down. Make sure it's level.Β 
Place the second ring on top of the first. Now nail the second ring to the bottom. Β Place the third and final ring on top and secure with more nails.Β 
Load in your garden soil and make amendments if necessary. Β (coffee grounds, compost, steer manure etc.)
Now it's time to make your "pizza slices". Β Hammer in your 2 inch long nails into the center of every other board. Β Leave the head out just enough to be able to wrap your yarn around. Β  This will create 8 "slices". Β Use your yarn to go from one side of the circle to the other. Wrap around nail head securely.Β 
Arrange your plants and herbs into a design you like. Remember that your pepper and tomato plants will need adequate room to grow and will get larger than most of the herbs.
Once your plants are in, spread a good layer of mulch around each plant, covering all of your soil. Β 
Water thoroughly, and you're all finished! Β 
In no time at all, you'll have all the ingredients you'll need to make delicious pizzas at home!Β 

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