If you want to have vegetables to eat this fall, then you need to start planting in summertime. Β This might be your first time growing a fall garden, & these vegetables are a great place to start because they can all be grown in containers!Β 

Radishes- The trick with growing perfect radishes, lays in the soil. Literally. Keep the moisture level of the soil close to that of a wrung out sponge. Don't feel limited to growing common varieties like you'd find in the store. Try varieties likeΒ Japanese MinowaseΒ or Hailstone White radishes!Β 

Kale- Kale is not only beautiful, but very tasty. Β It will look great growing in a container! Keep the soil evenly moist and stop watering after the first frost. Β You'll be on your way to making healthy and delicious kale chips in no time! To keep with the theme of fall colors, try growing the Red Russian variety!Β 

Bok Choy- Don't let your soil get too soggy, and try staggering their plantings so you'll have a new one to harvest every week or so. They love being fertilized every few weeks with an organic, time-released fertilizer. Β They take less than 60 days to mature, and are great sauteed! Get Bok Choy seeds here!Β 

Bunching Onions- The great thing about growing scallions or bunching onions in containers is that they are actually a perennial plant and will come back year after year if you leave a few behind. When you're planting your bunching onions, don't fill the pot completely full. As they grow, add a little more soil on top of the onions. The more plant that is under the soil, the more "white part" of the onion you'll have at harvest time.Β 

Brussels Sprouts- Plant your Brussels Sprouts in a deep pot, and place in full sun. One plant can produce up to 100 sprouts which is more than enough for several meals. Β Start your harvest from the bottom of the plant up, as the ones closer to the ground will mature first. Β Harvest when they are just smaller than a golf ball! We recommend Long Island Catskill Brussels!Β 

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