15 Vegetables You Should Be Planting NOW for a Fall Harvest

Right now is the PERFECT time for selecting which varieties you'd like to grow during the cooler months. These are 15 of the most popular crops you can plant during summer for a delightful fall harvest.Β 

Β Root Vegetables Leafy Greens Brassicas
Beets Spinach Rutabaga
Turnips Lettuce Cabbage
Radishes Kale Kohlrabi
Carrots Mustards Broccoli
Swiss Chard Cauliflower
Arugula Brussels Sprouts

Also, check out these variety packs which were designed for growing vegetables and herbs during fall and winter! Whether you're gardening in traditional soil rows, containers, raised beds or in a Tower Garden, there's something for everyone!Β 



All-in-One Fall & Winter Season Variety Pack

--Grow a Garden During the Colder Months!--
All-in-One Fall & Winter Season Variety Pack includes an assortment of the 15 most popular varieties.

All-in-One Root Crop Variety Pack

All-in-One Root Crop Variety Pack includes an assortment of our 15 most popular root crop varieties. Seeds are all individually packaged with a zip-lock mylar bag system for long-term storage and maximum seed protection.Β 

All-in-One Tower Garden Variety Pack

This is a special collection of seeds designed to be planted in yourΒ Tower Garden. TheseΒ varieties are perfect for planting a fall and winter garden and are known to tolerate cold temperatures and can withstand frost.

All-in-One Urban Fall Garden Variety Pack

This all-in-One Urban Organic Gardener's Fall/Winter Garden Seed Kit includes an assortment of the 15 most popular cold hardy seeds that grow best in containers and raised beds - ideal for the Urban Organic Gardener. Now is the perfect time to order your seeds online and start planting!

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