Which Plants Do Bunnies, Cats, Dogs, and Chickens Like to Eat?

Most gardeners also have at least one pet at home, so it's no surprise they take into account the diet of their animal when planning their yearly garden.  You can even cut back on food costs for your family pet by planting some nutritious treats to supplement their regular feed.  Below are just a few of the common household pets most people have, and the most popular varieties of herbs or vegetables they grow for them.  


Leafy Greens- Grows well in crowded spaces. Stay away from light colored lettuces, instead feed them darker varieties of greens. A diet should never consist of just greens. Introduce slowly to avoid digestive issues.  Leafy & fibrous greens are best. 

Bok Choy- Germinates and regrows quickly. 

Carrots- Given sparingly to rabbits they can be quite a treat your rabbit will love.

Herbs- Your rabbit will love basil, mint, cilantro, parsley and oregano.

Dandelions- Very easy to grow, spreads easily, develops leafy greens that are very enjoyable for your rabbit. 


Carrots- contains falcarinol which has anti-cancer properties. Also contains beta-carotene with promotes healthy eye-sight. Carrots may also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Beans- May degrease blood cholesterol and glucose levels.  Excellent source of fiber, folic acid, and B6. Can improve heart health because of antioxidants. 

Leafy Greens- Most dogs prefer them cooked. Steam, blend, or sauce' dark leafy greens and incorporate them into the dogs regular food.  Eating dark leafy greens can help prevent cell damage which is responsible for cancer, and all chronic inflammatory diseases. 

Broccoli- Wonderful for pets who are fighting immune systems disorders such as cancer.  Broccoli contains compounds that promote "good" hormone levels which increases the level of enzymes that help prevent cancer cells from developing. 


Cat Grass- Helps promote healthy digestion. 

Lemon Grass- Gives your cat a delightful and aromatic grass to chew on. 

Catnip & Catmint-  Relaxes cats and gives a calming effect. 


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