Step 1:  Start by creating your favorite salad. It can be a leafy green salad, a pasta salad with fresh veggies and herbs, or even your homemade coleslaw. 

Step 2:  Then use an extra large zucchini from your garden and slice it length-wise, in half. 

Step 3:  Scoop out the guts and then using a small knife, carve out the teeth.   

Step 4:  Place the bottom part of the crocodiles mouth on a large serving platter and begin scooping your favorite salad inside.  Once your salad is in place, place the other half of the zucchini on top and secure with a few toothpicks.   

Step 5:  Add eyes using fresh tomatoes, whole cloves or whatever you have in your kitchen pantry. Don't forget to add eyelids and nostrils for your crocodile.   

Step 6: Take this fun salad dish to your next BBQ or potluck. It'll be the talk of the party.

One of our customers sent in this image and we loved it so much, we just had to share her idea with you.
(Photo Credit: "Gaythel") Thanks for sharing such a creative idea!

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