It's that time of year, tomatoes are nearing the end of their season. Whether you're picking the last of your tomatoes before the weather turns to prevent splitting, or your plants are experiencing disease, or just coming to the end of their life all together... it's time to start picking the tomatoes off of your plants and that includes the green ones.

Some of these green tomatoes can and will turn red if you utilize some "ripening techniques", and others no matter what you do won't budge from their green skins. Β  It all depends on the ripeness level at which you picked them.Β 

So now that all of your tomatoes are picked and you're willing to give them a chance at turning red, what do you do? There are several ways you can encourage your tomatoes to turn red and fully ripen. There are 4 basic methods you can try, and many more if you get creative...but here are 4 easy ways to ripen all of those green tomatoes in your garden.

First things first, you're going to need a banana and a vessel. Β Whether you choose the cardboard box, plastic bag, mason jar or a paper bag method it doesn't really matter. Use your best judgment for which vessel will hold the amount of tomatoes you have to ripen. If you have quite a few, a box for instance would probably hold them best. Β Just make sure you put them in a single layer at the bottom of the box and don't over-crowd. They'll ripen better and faster that way.

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