Spring will officially be here on March 20th and whether there's still snow out where you are, or it's already feeling like summerโ€ฆ Spring is a great time of year to start working on a few things in the gardening department. ย 

Each grow zone will be a little bit different when Spring finally does roll around, so we encourage you to do what you can and what the weather is permitting in your unique location.

Below is a list of chores that we've compiled to help give you some things to start thinking about this time of year. ย 

  • Plant summer bulbs.ย 

  • Read up on applying organic fertilizers.

  • Remove winter weeds and edge plant beds.

  • Cut flowers of spring blooming bulbs and place them in water & a clean vase to enjoy indoors.
  • Feed acid-loving plants such as azalea & rhododendron.

  • Plant cold-hardy vegetables and herbs, such as onions, potatoes, peas, lettuce, rosemary, oregano and thyme. (View more cold-hardy vegetables and herbs, here!)ย 

  • Feed your lawn with a high nitrogen fertilizer. (Or think about digging up your lawn to grow moreย fruits, veggies and herbs!)ย 

  • Remove weeds before they flower, to keep them from multiplying.ย 

  • Start seeds indoors. (Read our tips on how to do that, here!)ย 

  • Amend soil by adding organic fertilizer and compost.

  • Water fall-planted trees and shrubs once new growth appears.

  • Sharpen hand tool blades, replace worn equipment, and re-string edgers and trimmers.

  • Fertilize citrus and feed it monthly thereafter.

  • Prepare vegetable beds for when the soil is warm enough to sow seeds orย transplant tender plants. For tomatoes, that temperature is 55 degrees.

  • Deadhead spent spring bulb blooms leaving the leaves to continue to produceย food that will be stored in the bulb for next yearโ€™s blooms.

  • Plant bare root trees and plants just as they are about to break dormancy.

  • Apply mulch around the base of trees. This will help with water retention and prevent weed growth.

  • Rid the yard of snails and slugs, using a natural or organic method that is pet/child safe.

  • Take cuttings of roses, azaleas & geraniumsย to start new plants.

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