{Featured Instagrammer} "Sleeping Willow Farm", Oregon-Zone 8b
What are some of the things you would like to have others understand about living a healthier and more self-sufficient life-style? I think the concept of healthy living can be applied to many different areas in your life. I love that for us, we apply the "healthy living" mindset to growing our own fresh produce and trying to eat what is currently in season.Β I have found that not only do we eat better from growing our own food, but we are outside on a daily basis, getting fresh air, exercising in the form of wheelbarrow trips, shoveling, digging, and even continuous squats for weed pulling and harvesting.

I truly believe gardening has changed the way we live, eat, and it even has the ability to completely change our moods, from chaotic days to grounding us back to a simpler, calmer, and more rewarding day.

Have you been faced with any obstacles? And how did you overcome them? Β Β I view gardening as a constant obstacle, whether it is battling deer, pests,Β or even plant disease. But IΒ have learned so much from each of those obstacles, from putting up fences first, to researching organic methods for pest control and prevention, to educating myself on the concept of companion planting.Β 

I feel like if gardening was always an easy and successful journey, I wouldn't learn much about it, and I love the fact that each day I am challenging myself to learn more and gain more knowledge about everything I currently do and alsoΒ wish to grow.Β 
What are your greatest passions when it comes to gardening or homesteading? I love how as my garden grows larger each year, so does both my experience and passion for gardening. In turn, I am providing fresh produce, experience, and connecting my children to where their food is coming from. Giving them an opportunity to understand it is extremely important to educate themselves on what they consume... after all, they don't have the saying, 'you are what you eat' for nothing.Β 

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