Most Popular Seeds to Plant Now for Fall/Winter Gardening

Growing a fall garden can be a lot of fun and extremely rewarding. You may even enjoy it more than having a traditional summer/spring garden! A lot of gardeners will tell you that there are many perks to gardening once the fall months arrive. Want to start your fall garden? NOW is the perfect timeย to be starting some of your favorite varieties indoors to later be transplanted outside.

Why is havingย a fall/winter garden so much better than one during spring/summer?

  1. COOLER WEATHER - You may find it more enjoyable to be out in the garden as the weather starts to cool off.ย 

  2. LESS PESTS - You will notice a significant decline in detrimental insects and disease during the fall.ย 

  3. SAVE TIME & MONEY NOT WATERING AS MUCH - You may find yourself saving time and money by not having to water as much as you did during the summer months!

  4. QUICK TO MATURE - Fall is a great time to plant leafy greens/lettuce and other vegetables that are quick to mature. ย Click here to shop all quick maturing crops >

Here is a list of some of ourย most popular crops grown during fall/winter:

Arugula:ย Arugula seeds

Beans (Bush):ย Bean seeds

Beets: Beet seeds

Broccoli:ย Broccoli seeds

Cabbage:ย Cabbage seeds

Carrot: Carrot seeds

Cauliflower:ย Cauliflower seeds

Chard: Chard seeds

Chicory:ย Chicory seeds

Cilantro:ย Cilantro seeds

Collards:ย Collard seeds

Dill: Dill seeds

Kale: Kale seeds

Lettuce:ย Lettuce seeds

Mustard Greens:ย Mustard seeds

Peas: Pea seeds

Radish:ย Radish seeds

Scallions:ย Scallion seeds

Spinach:ย Spinach seeds

Turnip: Turnip seeds


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