How to Grow a "Cut and Come Again" Salad Bar Garden

What is a "salad bar garden"? It's basically a garden that you'll be able to regularly harvest from and the plants will continue to produce more leaves for you. It's a "cut and come again" method that you should definitely try if you're the type of person who enjoys several salads a week. 

The key to growing a healthy and successful "salad bar garden", is mostly about choosing the right varieties and knowing how to care for your plants once you do harvest from them. 

21 Crops to Plant in Your "Cut & Come Again" Salad Bar Garden

1. Lettuce
2. Basil
3. Kale
4. Carrot Greens
5. Green Onions
6. Garlic Chives
7. Swiss Chard
8. Turnip Greens
9. Celery
10. Thyme
11. Cilantro
12. Radish Tops
13. Bok Choy
14. Lemon Grass
15. Leeks
16. Rosemary
17. Parsley
18. Beet Greens
19. Mint
20. Lemon Balm
21. Tarragon

How to get started when planting your "salad bar garden":

  1. Start by sowing your seeds according to the recommended planting depth.
  2. Try adding compost into your soil for a healthy boost for your plants.  
  3. Water your soil regularly until the seeds have started to germinate and keep watering occasionally so that the soil does not dry out.  
  4. When your leaves have reached 3-6" in length, that is when you will want to harvest them. They'll be full of great flavor without any bitterness that can occur when you allow the leaves to mature to a larger size.  
  5. Once you harvest several handfuls of lettuce for your salad, make sure you water the plants you picked from.  In a few days you'll notice more leaves have started to pop up and you'll be ready for another salad in no time! 

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