Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Growing Cucamelons

Cucamelons are a strange and intriguing variety for many home gardeners. They produce beautiful, edible fruit that is fairly easy to grow. At first glance you may think they are tiny watermelons, but they are actually cucumbers. The fruit will only reach about the size of a large grape, which is when it is best to be picked and enjoyed. They are also often referred to as Mexican Sour Gherkins.Β 

Just because they may resemble small watermelons, does not mean they taste anything like your favorite summertime fruit. You may even find yourself having a "new favorite" after growing Cucamelons for the first time! Β 

They have a "sweet-tangy" flavor, which most would agree is similar to a cucumber that's been soaked in lime juice. There's no need for peeling these fruits, and they can be eaten right off the vine. Enjoy them in your favorite pickle recipes, or as a garnish for your next cocktail.Β 

They can take up to 80 days to fully mature, and it has been reported that they can be slow to grow at first, but you'll wake up one day to find that the vines have taken off quite rapidly. They are great for container gardening as long as you give them a trellis or something to climb. Most vines will grow 3-5 feet.Β 

Feel free to start the seeds outdoors as soon as spring has arrived and the threat of frost has passed. Plan on providing them with plenty of water, and note that no pruning will be required to achieve a great yield.Β 

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