Save the Bees! Plant a "Bee-Friendly" Garden Today!
Are you interested in learning more about what you can do to to help save the bees? Most gardeners start at home by making small changes to their gardens and landscapes but the rewards are anything but small. They are able to invite a larger bee population into their gardens which is good for everyone! Gardeners may experience better pollination with their fruits and vegetables, and the bees have a safe haven to come, feed, and pollinate.Β 

Here are just a few tips to remember when planning a "Bee Friendly Garden"!

1. Rethink your lawn.Β 
Could you use part of your lawn or grassy area for a beautiful flower bed?

2. Plant Native Flowers/Plants
Not everything you plant needs to be a native plant but keep in mind that by growing a few varieties that are native to your region, they will be well adapted to your growing conditions and should do very well. Local bees will also easily identify them as a source of pollen.Β 

3. Grow Year-Round
Plant at least 3-4 varieties year-round. This will ensure that a constant source of food will exist for the bees.Β 

5. Use Only Natural or Organic Pest Control Methods

Avoid using any pesticides or herbicides in your garden which could harm the bees. Keep the pests under control by adding ladybugs, praying mantises and spiders.Β 

6. Create a "Bee Bath"
Bees rely on a source of fresh drinking water. Fill any shallow container with twigs, stones, and fresh water. Maintain the "bee bath" by keeping it full of fresh water and the bees will know where to return to each day for drinking.

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